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Welcome to Body Confidence and Wellbeing Coaching with Ellie. A place where all your parts are welcome and we meet all of who we are with curiosity and compassion.

Our mission and passion are to be of service to women and men to navigate through their inner world to start looking at themselves from a place of love, acceptance, compassion, care, and curiosity. Our mission is to give hope to all parts within you that they are all good, if we get to know our inner world and try to understand who we are and why we function the way we do, I believe we will fall in love with all of us, with every part of us, even the parts we have been pushing away, the parts we have hated or tried to get rid of. Every aspect of who we are has a gem hidden in the burden and pain it is carrying.

Our mission is to be the facilitator creating more space to access your core Self so that you eventually will have the tools you need to navigate your life in the storms and enjoy in the calms.

Ellie's goal with the brand Ellie & Carl is to bring in tools, models, courses, coaching, and products to serve and inspire you to live a life in alignment with your authentic self.

Ellie & Carl have Body Confidence Coaching and the Natural and organic skincare brand Ellie & Carl Skin Botanicals, natural and organic skincare to rejuvenate your skin.

The Name Ellie & Carl comes from a long tradition from Ellies husbands’ family. The name Carl has been passed on for many generations to the men in the family. So Ellie and her husband decided to start the same tradition with their daughter as for their sons. The 3 boys have Carl as a second name and the daughter has Elleria as a second name. With the years the name Elleria got shortened to Ellie and that’s why the company name became Ellie & Carl Skin botanicals.  The Family is a very central part of Ellie's life and works so it felt very natural to choose Ellie & Carl and to have the whole family be a part of this wonderful journey.