Sensitive Care

Sensitive Care - Collection for Sensitive skin

“Be good to your skin, you will be wearing it every day for the rest of your life” Renée

The Sensitive care collection is created to help the skin to protect, calm and moisturize with gentle ingredients. The goal is to find a calming balance and support for the skin.

When the skin reacts with being dry, red or itchy, it is telling us that something is not right and we need to stop and listen to it. It can be due to certain products, environmental factors or factors from within as for example stress or something we eat or drink. The skin is the body´s biggest organ and the first protection against dangers from the outside and sort of a warning device for the inside, by using the Sensitive skincare collection you are giving your skin the right tools to protect itself and stay strong with healing and calming ingredients.

Sensitive Care - Face Serum

The Sensitive Care Face Serum is created with botanicals that will help the skin to calm, moisturize, rejuvenate and find balance. With soothing properties the skin will be velvety soft and protected.
365,00 kr

Sensitive Care - Face Mask

The Sensitive Face Mask is ideal for sensitive skin with calming, rejuvenating, regenerating and brightening properties. The licorice root powder brightens and calms the skin. The green tea has antioxidant and regenerating properties. Calamine powder has a toning, soothing and antiseptic action. Rhassoul and White Kaolin clay cleans the skins deeply and removes dirt, grime and other impurities without striping of the skins own natural oil.
261,00 kr

Oil Cleanser - Face

The oil cleanser can be used as a cleanser but also for shaving the face. The oil is suitable for all skin types. The oil has nourishing, sebum balancing and cleansing botanicals that will help the skin to rebalance and leaves the skin soft and clean without wiping off the skins own natural oils.
313,00 kr

African Black Soap - Face Cleanser

African black soap is made of raw shea butter for gentle and effective cleaning of the skin. Black soap is renowned for its natural healing properties and is used in the treatment of various skin conditions. Shea butter contains essential fatty acids, along with vitamins A and E, which are imperative to maintaining skin's elasticity and suppleness. This is a superb emollient, moisturizer and is excellent for conditioning the skin. The virgin coconut oil has many moisturizing properties and is gentle to the skin. Cocoa ash is rich in antioxidants that fight off premature aging and skin calming properties that soothe eczema, acne & other inflammatory skin conditions. The soap is fair-trade and handmade in Ghana.
104,00 kr

Konjac Sponge - Face Cleanser

The konjac sponge is a gentle and natural cleansing and exfoliating sponge that has been used for centuries in Korea, Japan and China. It is made out of the konjac root and is 100% natural and biodegradable. When the sponge dries it shrinks, which is normal and when water is added it becomes soft and ready to be used. Its excellent to use to remove our face masks and to get tha extra exfoliation and cleansing it will give.
83,00 kr

Gua Sha Stone - Massage Tool

Gua Sha is an ancient natural Asian healing scraping technique. Gua Sha Bian stone is a massage tool to improve the blood circulation in the skin and stimulates microcirculation of the soft tissue which increases the blood flow that gives the skin a healthier and firmer look. Benefits with Gua Sha: • Firm up the sagging facial muscles • Smoothens the skin and reduces the appearance of wrinkles on the face • Improves dark circles and bags under the eyes (the kind you get from premature ageing) • Facial complexion gets rosier and more radiant
156,00 kr