Black pepper Essential oil Organic

Black pepper Essential oil is used in aromatherapy to reduce muscle injuries with its warming, anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic properties. The Black pepper oil creates a warming sensation when applied to the skin. It can protect the body from damages done by oxidants (free radicals). It contains Vitamin-A, Beta Carotene, which is beneficial for antioxidant activity. The oil also contains Vitamin-K, which is essential for maintaining proper circulatory and metabolic functions. Furthermore, it has calcium, potassium and selenium. While calcium is good for bones and potassium for regulating blood pressure, selenium is essentially required for the proper formation of bones, nails, hair follicles and teeth.

Historically black pepper is the world’s most traded spice. Pepper used to be very expensive and was sometimes used as a currency due to its value. The black pepper essential oil can be found in the toolkit of almost every aroma therapist due to its highly beneficial properties. The essential oil was considered an effective medicine thousands of years ago. Early records show that black pepper was often used as a medicine in many healing traditions around the world such as Indian Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese medicine for colds, constipation, dysentery, fever, indigestion, pain, and as an anti-malarial treatment.