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Clary Sage Essential oil Organic

Clary Sage essential oil is use in aromatherapy for the many properties it has. The essential oil can help to reduce skin inflammation, regulate the natural sebum production, reducing both oily and dry skin which makes the Clary Sage oil suitable for all skin types. The oil can strengthen and tone the skin. It is a good relaxant, more specifically, there is an ester present in Clary Sage essential oil called Linalyl acetate, which can reduce skin inflammation and heal rashes. It can be used as a sedative with soothing and warming components. Clary sage can help to open the blood vessels and allow for increased blood circulation.

Historically its old name was Muscatel Oil as it was used as a flavoring in Muscatel wine. The practice of German merchants of adding clary and elder flowers to Rhine wine to make it imitate a good Muscatel was so common that Germans still call the herb Muskateller Salbei and the English know it as Muscatel Sage. The Romans called it sclarea, from claurus, or “clear,” because they used the plant as eyewash.