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Cypress Essential oil Organic

The Cypress Essential oil has an important component called camphene which gives the oil antiseptic qualities. The Oil can aid to treat wounds and prevents these from infections. Cypress oil is a tonic and a sebum balancer for oily skin. It can help to tone tissue and cause small blood vessels to contract. The oil may have circulation-stimulating properties that increase energy and create warmth and ease muscle cramps

Historically cypress tree and the essential oil of cypress tree have been used since ancient times mainly to treat various illnesses associated with the circulatory system. It was also used in treating all types of common diseases ranging from cold, cough, skin diseases and hair loss problems to inflammation in the internal and external parts of the body. The essential oil of Cypress was also used as an effective perfume agent that spreads the sweet memories of a lovely surrounding. It is for this cause, Cypress and its essential oil were used in religious rituals and in mourning ceremonies where its healing attributes were believed to calm the mind, strengthen it and assist one in recovering quickly from losses.