Food for the skin - our natural moisturizers

After we have removed dirt, excess oil, bacterias and our skin is clean and receptive we can now feed our skin with natural products that supports and cares for the skin. Skincare is in a way an extension of caring for your health. So when you choose your skincare consider how they can benefit your health.

The skin is our biggest organ and is a complex, waterproof barrier to protect our inner organs, regulate body temperature etc. It’s not easy to penetrate this complex barrier. We have many different cells with different tasks to make sure the skin and our body stays safe. We have for example the good bacteria’s on our skin that protects us from invaders, we have dead skin cells that protects us from loosing the water from within the cells, we have the Langerhans cells that work between and around the cells to detect foreign and harmful invaders.

Why are oils good as skincare?

1)      They create an occlusive barrier on top of the skin and trap in water and prevent trans epidermal water loss.

2)      Oils dissolve more easily into the top layer of the skin because it’s lipophilic which means it is oil loving. In this way we can provide the skin with oil soluble vitamins and nutrients to keep the skin protected, nourished and hydrated.

3)      Then we have the sebaceous glands, known as “skin pores”. This glands produce sebum a fatty, waxy substance. They are attached to every hair follicle and it is through this that they secrete sebum to the skin surface. We need sebum to keep our skin protected and hydrated. Because sebum is fat soluble it allows other fat soluble substances to penetrate through the hair follicles. Sebaceous glands get messages to produce sebum from the skin surface and from hormones. With this knowledge we create serums that helps to regulate the sebum production, deliver protection and nutrients to the top layer with the right oils and essential oils that can help to balance the hormones on a cellular level.

When I formulate our products I always think about this few points:

1)      What skin need do I want to create a solution for? Is it oily skin, mature skin, sensitive skin?

2)      Are the ingredients natural for our skin, do we have or should we have this in our body? Vitamins, fatty cids, minerals etc.

3)      What is the purpose of this ingredient, does it have something it will add to support a healthy skin. Seburegulatting, regenerating, specific minerals or vitamins we need etc.

4)      How far into the skin do I want it to penetrate and why? Essential oils penetrates all the way to the bloodstream and the carrier oils into the top layer of the skin.

5)      How can I protect the ready product? All our products have rosemary and vitamin E antioxidant.

We choose cold pressed oils that retain their nutrients and antioxidant properties. When we apply our outer layer with nutrient rich product we help it to stay nourished, healthy and protected from environmental stressors. Our products contain cold pressed oils, extracts and essential oils, we always aim for organic when we have the option. With nutrient rich ingredients full of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, sebum regulating, regenerating and protective properties we will support a healthy skin. And the different ingredients will penetrate into different layers of the skin to do their magic.

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