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Licorice root powder

Licorice root powder is an excellent ingredient for all skin types, the root contains glycyrrhizin, glabridin and liquiritin among others. Glycyrrhizin has been shown to have anti-inflammatory activity because it has been found to mimic cortisol in our bodies. Glabridin is a phytoestrogen similar to the human hormone oestrogen. It is known that oestrogen stimulates the body to make collagen and hyaluronic acid. These two components are very important for the skin to help the skin to get a firm look. Glabridin and liquiritin have been found to lightening the color of the skin. Especially good with melasma that is a dark discolouration and is common during pregnancies or when using hormonal pills and after intense exposure to the sun. It can also help with age pigmentations. The extract also has powerful antioxidants that help protect the skin from environmental stressors, as well as licochalcone, which helps balance the skins own oil called sebum.
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