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Mandarin Essential oil Organic

One of the properties of mandarin essential oil is thought to be the ability to tone and tighten the skin. Mandarin oil may minimize the appearance of pores and help your skin to look more smooth and revitalized. The oil is perfect for those with oily skin and who tend to have more visible pores. Mandarin essential oil also has antioxidants as a protection from environmental stressors. It has balancing properties and may help to prevent stretch marks, scars and revitalizes mature skin.

Historically like many other citrus, mandarin has been highly prized throughout history and has been used in many folk medicine traditions, including traditional Chinese, Indian and European. In Chinese medicine, the unripe peel was used for chest pain, gastro-intestinal disorders and cirrhosis of the liver, since it is believed to regulate liver. Likewise it was used to act on the spleen and lungs and was used to relieve phlegm and hiccoughs. In France and other European countries the fruit and peel was used as a remedy to treat indigestion and hiccoughs with the elderly and young children.