Scottish Highland Pine Essential oil

The Scottish Highland Pine essential oil is used to balance, smooth, renew and give shin to skin and it also act as an antioxidant for the free radicals which can have a negative impact on the skin. Free radicals attack the healthy skin cells and cause them to mutate, resulting in premature aging. Pine essential oil can combat these negative effects. Pine essential oil is considered an analgesic and is therefore used in aromatherapy as a good remedy for people suffering from joint pain, arthritis, and rheumatic conditions. Besides being used as an analgesic, it is also used as an anti-inflammatory agent in aromatherapy, meaning that it reduces the inflammation and redness of those affected areas.

Historically the Pine Essential oil has a long history of use in folk medicine, and the entire tree yields a wealth of healing properties. The fragrant needles and twigs have been used for centuries throughout Europe and beyond to treat a wide range of respiratory, muscular and painful joint conditions. The needles and shoots were used by Native Americans to treat bronchial conditions, coughs, colds, fevers and rheumatic pain, and many tribes would burn parts of the tree along with juniper and cedar in their purifying rituals and to repel mosquito’s, lice and fleas. Pine essential oil derived from the needles and twigs has been used throughout Europe as fragrances of air-fresheners, disinfectants, detergents, soaps and bath toiletries.